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Welcome to Poole Chess Club
This is the official website for Poole Chess Club which is located in Poole, Dorset, on the south coast of England.

Club Night
We meet every Thursday evening throughout the year at the Royal British Legion Club in North Road. There's always someone around for a friendly game. Feel free to pop in, all guests, visitors and new members are welcome. We start at 7.15 pm.

Afternoon Casual Chess
Every Wednesday afternoon we meet at Flirt Café in Bournemouth Triangle to play chess over a drink or a bite to eat. This lively atmosphere is great for players to pop in for a casual game. We start at 2.30 pm

We currently compete in the Bournemouth League and have six teams, we also play in the Dorset League. All members are eligible to play. We also have other competitive games throughout the year.

Latest News:

Highcliffe B 2 - 2 Poole D
Dragi - as usual play d the solid some say aggressive London system. Made a slight mistake in his moves orders which resulted in a pawn falling mid game. This pawn eventually was decisive as it ended up queening.

Tarnishing Tarik - playing with the Black pieces. Lifted his rook prematurely and was then tormented by Knights. Never one on to give in Tarik consolidated his position with some well timed exchanges which destroyed his opponents pawn structure. Tarik then killed him off with a nice rook endgame.

Don Juan - playing against a strong opponent didn't come out of the opening well and as a result succumbed to some uncomfortable exchanges which unfortunately led to his early resignation.

Terrible Tim - playing with the black pieces quickly went a pawn up from the opening. Lifting his rook menacingly he tripled his pieces on the f-file against his opponent's king. This threatened mate or to win a rook. The intensity of the position caused his opponent to melt into resignation. A nice finale to Tim's spell with Poole D.

[Submitted by tarik]
Posted by ericsachs on Monday 27 February 2017 - 20:49:31printer friendly create pdf of this news item
Welcome Return of Chris Roberts
I am very pleased to report Chris Roberts has rejoined the club. Chris was our club secretary some 4/5 years ago moved away from the area but has since returned to live in Bournemouth.

When she joined the club she was a complete beginner and in a short time she progressed to a grade of around 100. It is always a pleasure to welcome back previous members especially Chris as she was not only an excellent secretary but also very popular.

Chris also assisted in development of our involvement at Flirt Cafe 5 years ago and came along every Wednesday to promote Poole chess club during the formative 1/2 years. As we know this has become a central base for cafe chess in Bournemouth.

I am sure you will all join me in welcoming Chris back to the club.

[Submitted by ericsachs]
Posted by ericsachs on Friday 10 February 2017 - 10:02:06printer friendly create pdf of this news item
Poole B - Highcliffe A
Poole B - Highcliffe A. 3-1

C Stanciu (163) - R Ursell (150) 1-0
S Calauz (160) - K Smith (137). 1-0
Sandu M (149) - N Salinger (132). 0.5-0.5
Hiru M (158) - R Halse (125). 0.5-0.5

A very important win for Poole B, to keep us close to the top in a division where anything can happen. Any of the teams can still win the division, or get relegated.
Thank you to all the players
Posted by ciprian on Tuesday 07 February 2017 - 12:26:47printer friendly create pdf of this news item
Celebrating 5 years at Flirt Cafe
It gives us great pleasure to announce this milestone and special thanks to Rob and Pete for accommodating chess in the cafe.

Our cafe chess is thriving more than ever with club players coming from all local clubs including Bournemouth/Southbourne and Wimborne.

Every Wednesday from 2.30 pm to 5.30 pm chess thrives as the Masters, Intermediates and Patzers grind out the white and black pieces.

Chess is is played at all standards at the top level FIDE players of 2100 and above so if you feel like a challenge this is the place to come.

Please come along and join in the eclectic and lively atmosphere, buy a drink and enjoy all.

Recent Comments made are:

This is the Mecca of local cafe chess in our area and it is great to be lucky enough to have time to come and play chess.
Wimborne Player - January 2017

I really enjoy this venue and seeing all chess colleagues here every week, I have made friendships from here and love coming every week.
Local Resident and keen chess enthusiast - January 2017

As always we welcome all chess players including new players to this weekly event, especially more Poole chess club players.

Poole Chess Club

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Posted by ericsachs on Saturday 28 January 2017 - 08:05:41printer friendly create pdf of this news item
26/1/17 - Division 1 - Poole A 2 Ringwood 2
In a tight match where reserves were brought in at short notice for both teams the match finished 2-2 which was a fair end result considering all.
Poole out graded our visitors with the exception of Board 1 as Martin Clancey played Chip.

Sandu playing on Board 4 had a good and comprehensive win against Darrel Sturney winning a piece, consolidating the position and then stormed through to finish off.

So Poole with the win were soon pegged back as Martin Clancey playing Chip had a very strong central position and found a big advantage with the rooks on open C and E files hitting at the Queen. Chip defended very well but Martin is far to strong a player not to allow his advantage break through. So it was 1-1

Next to finish was Sergiu playing Neil Woodger in a game not too different from board 1 and when Sergiu slipped up on a calculation Neil broke through and won the game. This was dissappointing as the 1-0 advantage was now 1-2.

All on Hiru playing Malcolm Day on board 3. Hiru played well and ended up with a Bishop to the good but had to fight off a passed pawn which he did with accurate play and won the game to level the match.

Always good to host Ringwood as the match was played in the right spirit and we move on.

Thanks to all our players for representing Poole and giving all.

Next match is Southbourne A away on the 17/2.

[Submitted by ericsachs]
Posted by ericsachs on Friday 27 January 2017 - 16:59:28printer friendly create pdf of this news item
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