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Welcome to Poole Chess Club
This is the official website for Poole Chess Club which is located in Poole, Dorset, on the south coast of England.

Club Night
We meet every Thursday evening throughout the year at the Royal British Legion Club in North Road. There's always someone around for a friendly game. Feel free to pop in, all guests, visitors and new members are welcome. We start at 7.15 pm.

Afternoon Casual Chess
Every Wednesday afternoon we meet at Flirt Café in Bournemouth Triangle to play chess over a drink or a bite to eat. This lively atmosphere is great for players to pop in for a casual game. We start at 2.30 pm

We currently compete in the Bournemouth League and have six teams, we also play in the Dorset League. All members are eligible to play. We also have other competitive games throughout the year.

Latest News:

Dorset Rapidplay - 12/3/17
We had a a good entry from Poole players for this event and the every one that played did Poole proud on the day.

Oscar came = 2nd with 5/6
Richie and Tim both won grading prizes with 2.5/6
Poole won the team event with the overall individual winner in our team of Gabor Horzath/Oscar/Tim and yours truly all contributing.

Christine Roberts also did well and had a decent score so well done to all in what was a most enjoyable day.

Congratulations to the event organisor Mike Jay and controller Martin Simons.
[Submitted by ericsachs]
Posted by ericsachs on Sunday 19 March 2017 - 19:04:14printer friendly create pdf of this news item
Handicap knockout competition
Poole - Dorchester 4.5-1.5

Oscar G (180) - D Hardie (139). 1-0
David F (163) - D Aldwinckle (138). 1-0
Simon F (132) - W Woodhouse (126) 0-1
Simon P (124) - S Milburn (123). 1-0
Chris A (116) - D Martin (107). 0.5-0.5
Seth R (77) - S Jones (103). 1-0

A great night for Poole, a win in a game where we needed 3.5 points out of 6 to win the match because of the average ratings. Solid wins for Seth, Simon P, David and Oscar, a hard earned draw for Chris in a exciting end game, and a bit unlucky for Simon F. Thanks everyone who played, will find out on Monday who will be our opposition in the final.
[Submitted by ciprian]
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Poole B - Southbourne C 4-0
Poole B - Southbourne C. 4-0

C Stanciu (162) - A Pitcher (137). 1-0
Hiru M (158). - J Harris (122). 1-0
T Miller (154) - D Arorash (125). 1-0
Sandu M (149) - K Dixon (115). 1-0

A comfortable win for Poole B in a game where we outgraded our opponents at every board, two very important points in a division where anything can happen. We are top of the league with four games to go, will be a very exciting end of the season
Posted by ciprian on Sunday 05 March 2017 - 16:55:38printer friendly create pdf of this news item
Southbourne E 1 vs 3 Poole D
With Southbourne on the bottom of the league, it was important for both Poole teams that we could get a win to keep our teams away from the threat of relegation, conversely, a win was needed for Southbourne to maintain hopes of staying in the division.

Dragi was ever reliable on board 1 against Ken Dixon. Dragi managed to get his a pawn all alone with no other pawn for miles around (or for squares around at least). He kept pushing the pawn and with a his pieces in support there wasn't much that could stop it so converted it to a first win.

Tarik thought he was in a reasonable position with the black pieces, but the an excellent knight move tore that all apart. Tarik accepted the loss of a rook and went for some counter play, Paul Sandy played well and survived the attack and subsequent 2 past pawns by sacrificing a rook for a knight but was still a piece up and converted it safely.


Don was playing in board 3 against Martin Buse. It was a close game but Don gained a pawn advantage, and then another. In a solid end game Don forced Martin to sac a bishop for a pawn leaving Don with a won position.


Final game to decide the fate of the game was young Ciaran, recalled to the team following his previous win.
It was materially equal game with Ciaran applying a lot of pressure.
It boiled down to gridlocked pawns on the Queen side, and a King, Pawn and minor piece on the otherside. It looked a drawn position but Ciaran was trying to force a win, causing heart troubles to Poole players looking at the score sheet.
With all the pushing and multiple combinations tried, his opponent managed to grab a pawn, only for his flag to then fall giving Ciaran another win and Poole A 3-1 victory.

That victory leaves Poole D mathematically safe and Poole C needing 2 points from their final 4 games.
It actually catapults Poole D up to 4th, and excellent position, let's see if we can keep that position to the end of the year.

Well down to Poole and thank you to Southbourne.

Southbourne 1 - 3 Poole D
[Submitted by tarik]
Posted by ericsachs on Sunday 05 March 2017 - 14:59:27printer friendly create pdf of this news item
Dorset League Div 2 - Poole 3 Dorchester C 1
A good win for the home team with a re arranged team saw Poole move into 2nd place in the league.

On Board 1 David (Fuller) playing Geoff Shearing in a tight game and extracts from David quote ' equalised quickly in the Blacks side of a classical Dutch defence, improved to a+100 ish plus but could not see a way to go on to win. So decided to exchange Queens down to a lost K+P endagame when clearly drawn, and Geoff played it well from there.. pushing too hard ' unquote.
so 0-1

Board 2 - Simon Fox retained a nice positional advantage from the opening in a C3 Scillian setup and as the pressure built his opponent lost a rook and it was all over

Board 3 - Simon Paterson game was materially equal although his opponent had a dangerous pawn on D6 with cover and a superior position but could not find a way to win and then made a blunder similar to the previous game by losing a rook and it was all over.

Board 4 was yours truly making his first appearance for a couple of months with the white pieces against an opponent coming back to play after a long absence. It was a standard Scillian with white gaining an advantage after some passive moves from black. The breakthrough came when Black came forward on the K side and got into a mess on the q side losing an exchange but gaining tempo. He went further behind by losing a bishop for 2 pawns but then in the moment of need mounted a K side pawn attack. Both players getting near to the overall time control and the nerves twitching for yours truly found a neat way to sac another pawn for a rook and king mate - it worked and the evening was complete.

3-1 Poole and well done to all players and Dorchester for playing all matches in a good and enjoyable spirit.

From Poole's perspective there will be other hard battles to be fought before the end of the season.

[Submitted by ericsachs]
Posted by ericsachs on Sunday 05 March 2017 - 09:53:31printer friendly create pdf of this news item
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